Protokoli razstrupljanja

1. Težke kovine in ostali strupi

2. Paraziti, bakterije, virusi, glivice in plesni


1. Težke kovine in ostali strupi

Pred pričetkom razstrupljanja je pametno narediti BioScan in/ali OligoScan test

1.1 Chlorella 6 mesecev, Čemaž od 2. do 6. mesec, Koriander od 4. do 6. mesec

123. str. Uravnajte ščitnico in rešili boste 100 težav hkrati, Sanja Lončar

  1. šest mesecev uživamo Chlorello 3x dnevno po čajno žličko ali 1x dnevno po jušno žlico.
  2. po dveh mesecih od začetka Chlorelle začnemo z jemanjem Čemaža (pesto)
  3. po štirih mecesih od začetka Chlorelle, oziroma takrat, ko je telo že očiščeno strupov, pa šele lahko začnemo s razstrupljanjem možganov z jemanjem Koriandra. Ta namreč odpre možgansko bariero (BBB = Blood Brain Barier), ki normalno ščiti možgane pred  nezaželenimi snovmi in, če predhodno nismo očistili telesa, tako da ima manj strupov kot možgani, se zgodi, da gredo strupi pri odprti BBB celo iz telesa v možgane, namesto obratno!!! Koriander je zato šele na koncu protokola in ne na začetku kot  “kr neki po domače”.

1.2 Dr. Hulda Clark

1.3. Dr. Andy Cuttler


1.3. R-ALA

R-ALA ali Desnosučna – Alfa Lipoična Kislina (Alfa Lipoic Acid) je eden od glavnih antioksidantov. Ker ima razpolovno dobo razpadanja 3 do 4 ure, jo je po treh urah (razpolovna doba) samo še polovica. Ta proces traja nekaj dni, ampak v tem času bi se ALA kot nosilec strupov že davno razgradila! Zato je protokol tak, da se jo dodaja vsake tri ure, tudi ponoči! ALA odpre BBB (Blood Brain Barrier ali možganska pregrada, ki varuje možgane pred strupi) in veže nase težke kovine, ki jih z  limfo počasi odplakuje (drenira) v žile in do izločevalnih organov ledvic, jeter, kože in pljuč. Ravno zato, ker odpre BBB, je treba biti zelo previden in najprej v nekaj mesecih očistiti telo in šele potem dodajati R-ALA zato, da ne gredo strupi iz telesa v možgane!

1.4 Indijski trpotec (Psylium Husk) in Zeolit

Trije Medexovi predlogi za čiščenje telesa

How to detox using Bentonite clay and Psyllium seed husk for a highly effective d.i.y. detox solution

How to Detox with Psyllium Husk

1.5 Sramežljiva mimoza (Mimosa Pudica)

Mimosa Pudica – The Most Powerfull Herb for Parasites?

1.6 B3-Niacin Detoks

1.7 Detox   z rdečo in infra rdečo (IR) svetlobo / toploto

Benefits of Light Detox: Red Light vs. Near-Infrared Light

1.8 Fulvični minerali

Fulvic minerals are all the rage right now—and for good reason!
These powerful minerals bring a wide range of benefits to our health.
This remedy is so old that it goes all the way back to ancient Himalayans and Ayurvedic medicine thousands of years ago.

How Are Fulvic Minerals Formed?
Fulvic minerals are derived from a compound that is found in soil and formed from the decay of ancient plants and animals.
These minerals are formed over thousands of years through millions of microbes breaking down plants and animals into humus—this is the part of the soil where fulvic minerals are found.
Humus then goes through a process called mineralisation. This reduces decaying matter into the smallest possible form so plants and animals—and also you and me.

Science-Backed Benefits of Fulvic Minerals
Multiple peer-reviewed journals like The Journal of Diabetes Research, Phytotherapy Research, and The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease among many others, have published studies looking into the therapeutic properties of fulvic minerals.
So let’s take a closer look at the proven benefits of this natural superfood:

1.8.1 Boosts Nutrient Levels
Fulvic minerals enhance nutrient levels in the body in two ways:

  • Naturally rich in important nutrients

Fulvic minerals contain more than 100 trace minerals that are vital for good health, along with electrolytes, fatty acids, silica (which rejuvenates skin), prebiotic fibers, and probiotic cultures. Additionally, fulvic minerals are rich in antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

  • Increases the activity of digestive enzymes

Studies have shown that fulvic minerals increase the activity of digestive enzymes and improve digestion, making the nutrients we eat more available to our organs. Fulvic minerals also enhance nutrient absorption by transporting minerals and other key nutrients to cells and making the cell membrane more permeable.
This benefit extends beyond foods to other supplements and medicines. When consumed with fulvic minerals, they are better absorbed by the body and better utilised by the organs that they are intended to influence.

1.8.2 Detoxifies Heavy Metals
Heavy metals (e.g lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium) are frequently absorbed into the body through environmental exposure. This can have profound impacts on our health, causing inflammation, cognitive impairment, and hormonal imbalance, among other problems.
Fulvic minerals can also be an effective form of chelation therapy (a treatment for heavy metal poisoning). They selectively attract and bind to heavy metals that we encounter in our food, water, and air as well as in pharmaceutical drugs and household cleaning products, forming an ionic bond with toxic-heavy metals that allow them to be released from our tissue.
Once fulvic minerals react with heavy metals, it allows them to become more water-soluble which further helps to eliminate them from the body.

1.8.3 Improves Gut Health
Poor gut health leads directly to inflammation and diseases. Fulvic minerals nourish the microbiome, eliminate parasites and pathogens from the digestive tract, and heal the gut.

  • Helps with GI disorders  Studies have shown that fulvic minerals can be used to remedy SIBO (small intestine bacteria growth), inflammatory bowel disorders, and intestinal ulcers.
    Additional investigations have found that fulvic minerals prevent and slow the spread of colorectal cancer, one of the leading causes of death worldwide. This disease is directly related to obesity and chemicals that are released from fat cells. One particular chemical that is excreted by fat cells—resistin—has been found to support the development and metastasis of malignant tumors.
  • Nourishes the microbiome  Fulvic minerals can help heal the gut lining, reduce body-wide inflammation, and enhance immune function. They contain prebiotic fibers that the gut bacteria use to produce important chemicals like short-chain fatty acids (which nourish the brain) and serotonin (which is important for emotional wellbeing).
  • Good source of probiotics   Fulvic minerals are also a good source of probiotics, which means they add diversity to the microbiome. In fact, studies have shown that six weeks of fulvic mineral supplementation increases the diversity and number of beneficial gut microbes, while decreasing pathogenic species.
  • Parasite cleanse  Parasites are more common than you might think and cause health problems, including nutrient deficiencies, muscle and joint pain, skin irritations and breakouts, weakened immune function, and unexplained fatigue. Fulvic minerals boost the effectiveness of anti-parasitic herbal remedies by ensuring that the herbs survive the acidity of the stomach. They also absorb the toxins that are released by parasites as they die and heal the tissues that have been damaged by parasites.

1.8.4 Protects The Brain
Fulvic minerals are regarded as a nootropic. That means they contain nutrients that support brain health, resulting in enhanced cognition, memory, creativity, and motivation. In fact, studies have shown that they can enhance learning and memory, as well as reduce the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

1.8.5 Reduces Inflammation
Fulvic minerals can help regulate the immune system. They support healthy inflammatory reactions to acute wounds and infections, while decreasing chronic inflammation to restore balance to the body. This has been shown to alleviate inflammatory conditions, including asthma, allergies, and eczema.
Studies have also shown that fulvic minerals can reduce high blood sugar and enhance insulin utilisation in test subjects. Furthermore, in lab tests, a formula containing fulvic minerals was found to reduce swelling and pain and improve range of motion in subjects with rheumatoid arthritis.

1.8.6 Enhances Immune Response
Fulvic minerals boost the immune system, in part by fortifying the microbiome, reducing inflammation, and preventing oxidative stress. Fulvic minerals offer protection from bacterial infections, including respiratory infections and urinary tract infections as well as viral infections (e.g. the flu, common colds).

1.8.7 Increases Metabolism & Energy Levels
Many people report increased energy and improved sleep after taking fulvic minerals. This is believed to be due to the decreased inflammation and free radical damage, increased detoxification, and higher consumption of nutrients, including trace minerals and electrolytes.
Fulvic minerals also support healthy energy levels by nourishing the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the “powerhouses of the cells,” responsible for converting oxygen and nutrients into energy that fuels cellular processes throughout the body.
Fulvic minerals can enhance nutrient delivery to the mitochondria and provide the optimal balance of electrolytes that mitochondria require to produce energy. Thus, fulvic minerals allow the body to produce more energy at a faster rate.

If Fulvic Minerals Are Naturally Found in Soil… Then Why Do We Still Need Supplements?
Years of commercialised farming, reusing dirt for multiple crops, and wide usage of pesticides and herbicides have depleted our soils. As a result, the foods that we eat today lack the vital minerals our bodies should have, including fulvic minerals.
And yes, even if you have a plant-based diet, your fruits and vegetables may not have enough fulvic minerals! We need to add these vital components to our bodies.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Fulvic minerals are believed to be safe for all people with no known side effects.
However, it should be noted that side effects caused by detoxification can be experienced when taking fulvic minerals. This can include cramps, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, and nausea.

Be sure to support your drainage pathways to minimise the symptoms of detoxification and to allow your body to thoroughly release toxins.
As mentioned earlier, there’s a growing number of published studies on fulvic minerals, testing for its health benefits and its potency. It’s also not just a trendy new supplement, as this has been around for literally thousands of years!

By just adding 10 drops to your fruit juice, vegetable juice, or purified water, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Boosts nutrient levels
  • Supports gut health
  • Supports brain health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Enhances immune response
  • Supports metabolism & energy levelsP
  • PLUS when taken with meals, fulvic minerals can increase nutrient absorption and counteract pesticides and other harmful chemicals in foods. We recommend taking this half an hour before eating or two hours after eating to maximise systemic detoxification.

2. Paraziti, bakterije, virusi, glivice in plesni

2.1 Paraziti

Predno se kar na pamet lotite parazitov, bakterij, glivic ali plesni, je treba najti točno prave povzročitelje naših težav, torej tiste, ki nas bremenijo! Priporočam vam eno res dobro bioresonančno terapevtko, učenko mag. Karin  Rižner, ki vam bo točno povedala kateri paraziti, bakterije, glivice ali plesni vas obremenjujejo in kako se jih lahko lotite najprej s prehrano in začimbami, z eteričnimi olji, naravnimi in farmacevtskimi pripomočki ter seveda tudi s frekvencami (zapper in bioresonanca). In seveda ne pozabite, da so slabemu počutju dostikrat krive ravno vidne ali pa skrite plesni, torej jih moramo pred začetkom terapije pravilno odstraniti in sanirati.

Običajno je spet osnovni problem, da dobimo parazite, ravno preslaba želodčna kislina, ki parazitov ne pomori že v želodcu!

Zaenkrat je tule kar link na sorodno spletno stran, ki sicer ponuja ene brezvezno otročje, “v garaži narejene”  zapperje (edini zares dobri so tule, ampak protokoli so pa lepo razloženi Mimogrede, na tej strani zavajajo obiskovalce, da je “ZAPER-ZAPERINO protimikrobna osebna bioresonanca za vibracijsko samozdravljenje” in ” Ena sama, zaper frekvenca 30kHz odpravi vse vrste zajedavcev (parazitov) človeškega telesa”! Prvič tile kljukci pojma nimajo, kaj je bioresonanca in drugič nakladajo, da je ena frekvenca za vse parazite, kar pa ni res! Baklayanovi zapperji imajo na voljo brezplačno spletno stran, kjer si za vsak parazit izberemo cel set frekvenc, ki jih lahko kupimo že polne s programi, ali pa jih sami zapečemo na SIM kartico in vstavimo v zapper: in